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MEC ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS are creating high-performance buildings that integrate with their environmental and social contexts. From educational, civil and cultural institutions to transportation facilities and leisure destinations, all of our buildings seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and performance.

MEC provides comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Design services and understands the role of Landscape Architecture in the creation of environments. Each project responds directly to the client’s needs.

Our sustainable, multidisciplinary approach to building engineering design sets MEC group apart. By integrating creative engineering with a clear understanding of the key issues of cost, quality and program , we deliver solutions of all scale and complexity.

Drawing on a global portfolio of comprehensive building engineering expertise, our design solutions reduce the environment impact of buildings through the wide use of technology and resources , creating flexible spaces that deliver long-term efficiency.

  • Space Planning
  • Commercial & Retail
  • Corporate & Office
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Culture & Education
  • Residential
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Special Projects
  • Landscaping
  • Interior Design
  • Signage