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  • Offers proven environmental & health benefits with minimal initial cost premium Life-cycle cost savings

  • Uses key resources more efficiently–energy, water, materials and land

  • Reduces ecological loading–green house gases, ozone-depleting substances waste.

  • Create environments for people to live, work and learn Has lower overall life cycle costs

  • 25-60% energy savings

  • 30-50% water savings

  • CBIP financial incentive

  • Improved worker productivity –due to improved lighting and thermal comfort

  • Reduced sick time from allergies, asthma & respiratory illness

  • Lower life-cycle costs

  • Sustainable Site

  • Brownfield site

  • Bicycle storage & changing facilities

  • No new parking spaces

  • Re-vegetated 87.5% of landscape with native & adapted plants

  • Erosion & sediment control during construction